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Paul's writing of creative content for organisations involves:

  • script development and script-writing for animations and other screen content

  • research and discovery with client organisations to uncover the narrative for "their story" - this can include Chief Executives & Managing Directors, Senior Executives & Senior Managers, Middle & Frontline Managers and Supervisors, technical and professional specialists, service personnel, front-of-house personnel, customers and clients

  • developing narratives - to support the learning objectives of the project or program

  • developing characters - incorporating relevant personality, learning and communication styles

  • developing scripted and non-scripted materials (involving actors working with participants from the client organisation) for simulations, role-plays and other development activities, and

  • briefing and 'rehearsing-in' the acting team.


Paul also provides longer-form writing for clients and organisations, especially where it relates to storytelling and communication.

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