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By Anton Chekhov. Adapted & Directed by Anthony Skuse

The Depot Theatre - 6 to 16 Dec 2017

(Secret House)

"The doctor, Dorn (Paul Armstrong) has a duplicitous insouciance that endows the bachelor with a certain rapaciousness..."

"Secret House Theatre Company has done what no big budget, small budget, opera house or black box studio could do.  I am converted.  This version of THE SEAGULL has taken me by the hand and gently walked me to a place of understanding. And no one is more astonished than I."

"Paul Armstrong’s ... tones make Dorn extremely likeable."

"Stripped back to its heart, this is a compelling tale of the frailty of the mind. Cleverly adapted, beautifully designed and expertly cast, there is nothing to fear from this Seagull – it is immensely watchable and entirely relatable for the modern audience ... Secret House are known for breathing new life into Shakespeare’s more obscure works. It is a magic that they have now applied to Chekov."

"Paul Armstrong (Dr Dorn, a Geordie gynecologist; Skuse’s cast use all kinds of accents) and Leilani Loau (Polina) contribute strongly in the bittersweet department."

"It’s very much an ensemble show and everyone on stage contributes thoughtfully...."

Stage Noise - 'Played with utmost simplicity, Chekhov’s tragi-comedy remains as elusive yet compelling as it ever can be in a good production.'
The Buzz - '...director Anthony Skuse achieves excellent performances from his ensemble who remind us of the great humour of Chekhov ... This production was much more than interesting, though, it was funny and accessible and felt very much in the spirit that Chekhov intended.'
Stage Whispers - 'this production makes Chekhov’s motifs about writing and the theatre less esoteric and even stronger than the characters that espouse them.'
Weekend Notes - '...the doctor, Dorn, played philosophically by Paul Armstrong.'

"...a superb production ... a vibrant, gripping production – and for Chekh. Never has ennui appeared so enthralling as these many characters ... embody the role and the actor with perfection ... The Seagull is a stunning production that brings Chekhov to new life. If this writer is a mystery to you in any way (or if you just don’t get what the fuss is about) this production will go a long way to solving the mystery. If you are a Chekhov fan, don’t miss it."

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