Paul Armstrong

Actor & Voice Artist - Scriptwriter - Coach

Gruen: The Pitch

In November, Paul was delighted to work with David Gullotti and the team at Balance in Melbourne to produce Cash Is King for The Pitch as part of ABC's Gruen.











Animation I

Paul is delighted to be working with animator, Lee Whitmore, on her latest film, Travels On My Donkey. In 2019, Lee won the award for Best Animation at the Sydney Film Festival for Sohrab and Rustum.

For Travels On My Donkey, Paul will voice several characters, including Colonel Howard Vyse.

Animation II

Paul continues to develop a range of exciting work with graphic artist and animator, Guy Downes. Through a broad range of projects, together, they tell stories and explore ideas in new ways.

In early-2021, Paul scripted an animation for the Royal Australian & NZ College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) called The Beating Hearts of Australia. The animation formed part of an event at Parliament House in Canberra in March.








In August 2020, the Australasian Birth Trauma Association launched its new Think Natal initiative. Guy and Paul have now developed three animations to support this tremendous initiative. Below is the first in the series, called Stop the Tear (which Paul scripted). A story that aims to spark conversations between many, many women and their health care providers, before birth, to help improve their birth experiences.







In It Starts With Us, which Paul scripted and voiced for CSIRO, the focus is on the experience of women working in STEM, and the critical need to change attitudes and behaviours to ensure women are a valued, equal and enduring part of science and technology in Australia.










Other projects Guy and Paul have collaborated on recently include:

The Journey

Following on from his award-winning short film The Book (2017) comes the release of The Journey - the latest offering from Indian-Australian film-maker Pradeep Maduri. With some great cinematography by Raj Singh at Karmic Artworks.

With the film festival circuit in hibernation due to COVID-19, Pradeep has released The Journey freely. Enjoy...












Well-being & Working Remotely

Paul is delighted to have worked alongside Soji Learning & Change, and artist & animator Guy Downes, to create a series of short pieces focusing on well-being while so many of us are working remotely.

What does this potentially seismic shift - in how (many) people work - mean for how things change: now and into the future...?


As we are shaping the answer to this question, it seems important to maintain balance and awareness while we navigate this tricky journey...