Paul Armstrong

Actor & Voice Artist - Scriptwriter - Coach


In July, Paul was delighted to be part of the company bringing Robert Johnson's ambitious and powerful production of Caligula (by Albert Camus) to the stage at Theatre Works in Melbourne.


Paul's first Melbourne show - he greatly enjoyed working with production company Burning House.






For more about Caligula READ HERE.


Paul continues to develop a range of exciting work with graphic artist and animator, Guy Downes.


Working on an array of projects, they tell stories and explore ideas together with curiosity and optimism. Paul writes many of the scripts, and provides regular voice overs!

In 2021, Paul scripted an animation for the Royal Australian & NZ College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) called The Beating Hearts of Australia. The animation was part of an event at Parliament House in Canberra.









In 2020, the Australasian Birth Trauma Association launched its Think Natal initiative - for women wanting to know more about birth, and how to prepare for it.


Guy and Paul have developed a number of animations to support this tremendous initiative. Below is one of these, about the Pelvic Floor.







It Starts With Us is an animation Paul scripted and voiced for CSIRO. It's focus is the experience of women working in STEM, and the critical need to change attitudes and behaviours to ensure women are a valued, equal and enduring part of science and technology in Australia.











For more about Guy and Paul's work